Skeppsholmens krogkonst

Welcome to the Show!

Académie Libre has an exhibition at Skeppsholmens krogkonst.

Students from Monica Aspberg's classes show their works.

The year 2015 event took place daily 18-22 May at 11.30 - 14

VERNISSAGE 18 May at 16-20

Pictures from the hanging.

You can also see paintings from last year's event.

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You can see some of the works from Skeppsholmen island on this site.

Should you like a painting you can click on it to see it closer. In that view you can also press the Like button when you really enjoy that painting.

Watercolors are of course best IRL.


House by the lake

House by the lake



Lina Lindqvist

Watercolour. 30x20 cm. 2015

Fraserburg Lighthouse

Fraserburg Lighthouse


Helena Widström

Watercolour. 20x30 cm. 2015

Spring feelings

Spring feelings


Maria Andersson

Watercolour. 20x30 cm. 2015

Light from the forest

Light from the forest

31. From within the forest glimpses of light come. Perhaps there is a sacred place?

Thomas Nilsson

Watercolour. 16.5x26 cm. 2013

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